3 Reasons Why Books Are Great Learning Platforms!

Trading the markets can be very daunting for beginners as it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many ways a beginner can learn how to trade in the market such as courses and seminars. Yes these can be great methods to learn, but do you really have £2000 or more spare to invest in a decent course? Even if you have the money are you sure the content provided is going to help?

There are no short cuts or get rich quick schemes in this industry, the only way to become successful is hard work and dedication. We were attracted to trading because we wanted to be our own bosses and we have the ability to grind out the late nights and continually develop on our crafts. There is something special with being a self made successful trader and we believe to start this journey you must cop a few books.

So why do we recommend new traders to invest in books?

1. Cheaper

We understand new traders will be on a budget and may not be able to afford a trading course as some can cost thousands of pounds. However books will be the most affordable way to learn. When we first started we bough a lot of our trading books in good condition but second hand, as these tend to be cheaper and kept our costs low.

2. Established

There is a lot of material online with regards to trading both good and bad. Books tend to be more reliable as the authors are established. A tip we use when choosing a book is looking at different forums or comments for the reviews, this helped us make a decision whether to cop or drop.


3. Yours to keep

Whether you are purchasing an ebook or hard copy this is now yours to keep and you can use this as a guide on your trading journey. Our trading books are littered with so many highlighter markings, Book Marks, Annotations and Gibberish on the majority of the pages. This really helpsin the learning process as we always refer back to our notes. We like to call it an organised mess.

We are not against trading courses or seminars this may be a great way for some individuals to learn, however if you have the time and the desire you can learn a hell of a lot from reading.

In the wise words of William Lyon Phelps we divide all readers into two classes; those who read to remember and those who read to forget it is really your choice.