Coffee- Bearish

The below chart confirms multiple rejections at the 200 Moving Average, this confirms the aggressive Bearish trend. Price has also been creating lower lows which further strengthens the downtrend. We have resistance at $95.00 where we expect a slight consolidation before a bearish breakout continuing in the original direction.

Coffee- WC 27th August.png

EURGBP- Bullish

Price is trading above the 200 Moving Average and is creating higher highs which confirms the Bullish trend. A breakout of 0.90300 has occurred and now we will wait to see if price will continue to respect the uptrend.

EURGBP- WC 27th August 2018.png

GBPUSD- Bearish

Price is trading below the 200 Moving average and creating Lower Lows which confirms the Bearish trend. We will be waiting for price to breakout of resistance price 1.26616 to confirm the downtrend.

GBPUSD- 27th August 2018.png

Silver- Bearish

Price is trading below the 200 Moving average which confirms the downtrend. The Daily chart shows price has consolidated multiple times then a breakout has followed, confirming the downtrend. Price is currently in its third consolidation, we will be anticipating a breakout further to the downside.

Silver- WC 27th August 2018.png

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